If you are accused of or charged with a sex crime, you want an attorney who will listen to you with an open heart and mind, and who, no matter how egregious the facts or evidence against you, will zealously and relentlessly fight for you. Our Los Angeles Sex Crime Attorney Negin Yamini is precisely this type of attorney. Negin’s approach in all sex crime cases is rooted in compassion and empathy for her clients. Her caring disposition and sincerity will immediately put you at ease and alleviate your anxiety through an otherwise excruciating and terrifying process. Negin will hold your hand every step of the way, and be accessible to you at all times.

Negin is as zealous and aggressive as she is compassionate and empathetic. The core of her strategy in every sex crime case is to conduct her own fact-finding and investigation, rather than relying upon the police and prosecution’s version of the alleged facts or events. Negin never waits for a prosecutor to make an “offer” to her. Rather, once she digs up her own facts and assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s case, Negin demands from the prosecutor what she believes to be the right outcome or disposition.

In every sex crime case, a prosecutor is less willing to agree to a better disposition when he or she senses that the defense attorney is unwilling or unable to proceed to trial. After all, why should the prosecutor agree to a lesser punishment or charges if the defense attorney will force his or her client to plead no matter how draconian or unwarranted the punishment desired by the prosecution? From the very inception of a case, Negin conveys to the prosecutor that she is not afraid to proceed to trial should the prosecution refuse to agree to a fair and just disposition. Negin then conscientiously and thoroughly fights the case from every angle, and uses any and all ways that the case poses a problem fort the prosecution—whether procedurally or substantively—to negotiate the best possible outcome for her client. This strategy stems from Negin’s Philosophy about the role of a defense attorney in sex crime cases; the defense attorney, not the prosecutor, demands full control of the case and dictates, with her diligence and zealous advocacy, the direction, duration, and ultimate outcome of the case.

Some examples of Negin’s most recent case victories are the reduction to 6 years (with credit for time served) of the prosecution’s offer of 23 years for a man charged with continuous sexual assault and rape of two minor children; reduction of charges to a misdemeanor involving no registration and no jail time for a man charged with lewd acts with a minor; and a swift, 15 minute jury acquittal of a woman charged with pimping and pandering and prostitution. These recent victories showcase Negin’s tenacity, relentless, strategic lawyering and planning, and effective trial skills.

Negin is a Summa Cum Laude graduate from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she was awarded the Phi Beta Kappa nomination and the American Dream Fellowship for academic excellence and commitment to public service. Negin obtained her juris doctorate from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, where she was awarded the prestigious Tony Patino Fellowship, also for academic excellence and commitment to public service. Negin is an active participant and member of Inns of Court and the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, organizations dedicated to safeguarding the rights of the accused.