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Indecent Exposure - Lewd Conduct / Not Guilty Verdict, All charges

Jose O. (Van Nuys)

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Solicitation of Prostitution,Loitering with intent to commit Prostitution / Case dismissed on 402 motions during Trial

Rodney H. (Inglewood)

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Prostitution / Case Dismissed During Trial

Allan C. (Foltz/CCB)

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Possession - Child Porn / Case Dismissed

Shamus M. (Pasadena)

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Rape / Case Dismissed at Trial

Mainor E. (Norwalk)

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Domestic Violence - Child Cruelty / Case Dismissed at Trial

Juan F. (Metro)

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3 Counts Child Abuse / Reduced to Disturbing the Peace

Antoinette L. (Newhall)

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Sexual Battery / Reduced to Disturbing the Peace

Farha S. (Banning)

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Pimping and Pandering / Hung Jury 9-3 for Not Guilty, Judge Dismissed Case

Brandon R. (CCB/Foltz)

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Attempted Rape / Case Dismissed

K.A. (Inglewood)

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Child Endangerment / Reduced to Public Intoxication

Sara O. (Pasadena)

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