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Solicitation of Prostitution / Case Dismissed at Arraignment

Terrin S. (Foltz Justice Center)

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Solicitation of Prostitution / Case Dismissed

Chery P. (LAX)

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Failure to Register Per Penal Code section 290 / Case Dismissed at Arraignment

Vic V. (LAX)

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Rape, Sex with a Minor / Charges Blocked

Anthony P. (Alameda county)

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Human Trafficking, 2 Counts Lewd Conduct w/child under 14 / Case Dismissed

David H. (Foltz Justice Center)

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4 Counts Child molestation, 4 Counts Sexual Battery of a Minor / Case Dismissed at Trial

F. H. (Foltz/CCB)

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Lewd Acts with Child under Age 14 / Case Dismissed at Preliminary Hearing

J. P. (San Bernardino Central)

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Prostitution / Case Dismissed During Trial

Allan C. (Foltz/CCB)

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Possession - Child Porn / Case Dismissed

Shamus M. (Pasadena)

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Rape / Case Dismissed at Trial

Mainor E. (Norwalk)

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Sexual Battery / Reduced to Disturbing the Peace

Farha S.(Banning)

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